is a project by SphereLab LLC, dedicated to the Mandelbulb and its family of hypercomplex 3D fractal objects.

Welcome to is about raising awareness of 3D fractal forms—the Mandelbulb and its relatives—with striking images and thought-provoking information. We hope to add to the larger conversation about 3D fractals, bring it to new audiences, and to engender a greater appreciation of math, art, science, and their interrelationships. About the Mandelbulb In 2009 members set out to find a three dimensional analogue of the Mandelbrot set. They discovered instead a three dimensional manifestation of the set—a way to project the set into three-space using a spherical coordinate system. It was a team effort. Daniel White and Paul Nylander spearheaded the discovery of the Mandelbulb, with Rudy Rucker, Krzysztof Marczak and many others working to develop the maths and create applications to view these newly-discovered fractal objects. More about 3D fractals.