Knotted Up, 3D fractal art by Ricky Jarnagin/DsyneGrafix (c)

Ricky Jarnagin

Ricky Jarnagin, Fractal ArtistRicky Jarnagin (DsyneGrafix)

Focus: 3D fractal art, raw fractals, digital art, Mandelmorphic art
Tools: Mandelbulb 3D.
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA.

About: Ricky Jarnagin is a long-time digital artist. He discovered 3D fractal art in 2010 and has been working in the medium since January 2011. He creates art exclusively with Mandelbulb 3D. Of his MB3D images, Ricky says: “I fell deeply in love with creating fractals with this program.”

Ricky is a prolific artist and an inspired explorer of 3D fractals. He is also the creator and administrator of Mandelbulb Maniacs, a Facebook group dedicated to Mandelbulb 3D art, where artists and enthusiasts share art, swap fractal formulas, trade software tips, and create fascinating back-and-forth “tweaks” on one another’s parameters. Join Mandelbulb Maniacs to see Ricky’s newest work and new creations from MB3D artists from around the world.

Ricky’s art is lush, with rich colors and high contrast. He is a master fractal formulator, and his control of the program shows in his perfectly detailed subject matter. Ricky is the first 3D fractal artist we are featuring on our site. We are happy to be sharing his creations and look forward to bringing you more of his work in the future.

“I create art that speaks to me. I enjoy several styles but mostly what I call Ornate: High detail, color and depth.”

"New Beginnings" by Ricky Jarnagin"Depth and Color" by Ricky Jarnagin"Staff Meeting" by Ricky Jarnagin"The Fuzzy Wuzzy Loving Cup Explosion" by Ricky Jarnagin"Cloned Cones" by Ricky Jarnagin"Reptile Line" by Ricky Jarnagin"Making Moonshine" by Ricky Jarnagin"Power Box" by Ricky Jarnagin"Indigenous Bulbs" by Ricky Jarnagin"Backlit" by Ricky Jarnagin"Growing Off the Rails" by Ricky Jarnagin"Fractal Stock 11912 2" by Ricky Jarnagin"Amuzement Ride" by Ricky Jarnagin"Fractal Stock 6272012" by Ricky Jarnagin"Gear Head" by Ricky Jarnagin"Chrome Terraces" by Ricky Jarnagin"Two Paths" by Ricky Jarnagin"Close Contact" by Ricky Jarnagin"Monument" by Ricky Jarnagin"A Matter of Perception" by Ricky Jarnagin

Please share! Visit Ricky Jarnagin/DsyneGrafix’ sites, networks, and stores. See what he has made and follow his new work.

Mandelbulb Maniacs (FB group) | Facebook Page | DeviantArt | Pinterest | Shadowness | BlueCanvas | Zazzle | FineArtAmerica

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Images are © Ricky Jarnagin/DsyneGrafix and appear here with written consent.

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