"Cognitive Dissonance" by John Vega

John Vega

John Vega profile avatarJohn Vega

Focus: 3D fractal art, Mandelmorphic art, Raw fractals, Fractal manipulation, Video
Tools: Mandelbulb 3D, Mandelbulber, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Poser, PerfectPhoto
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA

About: John Vega is a visionary artist who uses 3D fractal software to create work that evokes the spiritual experience—dreamy atmospheric scenes that mix subtilty and drama. His work is philosophical, driven by theoretical concerns and the generative process. John uses science and technology to explore the nature of art and the artist, the self, and the creative experience.

“I attempt to remove preconditioned thought from the creative act… similar to the way one might toss coins for the I-Ching or snap a photo of a particular instant in time and space. The historical roots of the processes in art lie in DuChamp’s ‘ready-mades,’ the Dadaists’’ “exquisite corpse,’ and Pollock’s ‘action-painting.’” —John Vega

"Babel Formation" by John Vega

John’s work captures a wide range of 3D fractals., generating complex forms and using atmospheric effects to create mystical-seeming environments. John has worked with both ‘raw fractals’—unmodified outputs rendered with fractal generation software—and ‘fractal manipulations’ where he employs digital editing techniques to his fractal renderings.

John Vega, who coined the terms “Mandelmorph” and “Mandelmorphosis,” is a very active member of the 3D fractal art community. He runs the popular Mandelmorphosis facebook page, which features art from a range of cutting-edge artists working in fractal- and algorithmic- generative art.

Images are © 2001-2014 Dancingimage and appear here with permission.

"Spinal Tap 02" by John Vega "Neurons (Panel 01)" by John Vega"The Spark" by John Vega"Spinal Tap" by John Vega "My Vampire" by John Vega"Mobius (Close Up)" by John Vega"Machina Canyon" by John Vega"Machina 01" by John Vega"GAIASHIP 49" by John Vega"Escher Transmission" by John Vega"GAIAship Docked" by John Vega"Earthship Docked" by John Vega"EARTHship Deploy Stage 1" by John Vega"Cornice" by John Vega"Cognitive Dissonance" by John Vega"Cam City" by John Vega"A Night at the Opera" by John Vega"Charts of Mars" by John Vega"Archon Firewall" by John Vega"Reloj Del Rey Tryptic Panel 2" by John Vega

Find out more about John Vega and his art at JohnVega.com

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