"Perennial Bloom" by Jorge Abalo

Jorge Abalo

Jorge Abalo profile avatarJorge Abalo

Focus: 3D fractal art, Raw fractals
Tools: Mandelbulb 3D
Also: Information technology (IT)
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

About: Jorge Abalo is a self taught artist who has been making art for as long as he can remember. He began working in digital art in the 1990s, and did comic illustration, design (Adobe CS), 3D modeling (3ds max, Terragen, Bryce, Poser), and flame fractals (Apophysis) before being introduced to Mandelbulb 3D in 2011.

Perennial Bloom by Jorge Abalo

In his 3D fractal art, Jorge works with a number of formulas, creating some amazing architectural spaces and wild organic forms. In many of his pieces, he explores Mandelbulb 3D’s fascinating ‘Amazing Surf’ formula, capturing images of incredibly natural looking objects—strange plant life and unfamiliar organisms. His work shows a great sense of color and composition as well as masterful control of the 3D rendering environment.

“Do your art with the same fascination as you did on the first day, never loose your inner child and do it with delight.” -Jorge Abalo

Images are © Jorge Abalo and appear here with permission.

"Turbine Hall" by Jorge Abalo "Striped Realms" by Jorge Abalo"Still Life" by Jorge Abalo "Spectrum Bulbs" by Jorge Abalo "Silent Presence" by Jorge Abalo"Quetzalcoatls Return" by Jorge Abalo "Mystery Pong 427" by Jorge Abalo "Morphing Lands" by Jorge Abalo "Lost Cave Pong 411" by Jorge Abalo "Fusion" by Jorge Abalo "Flow Pong 421" by Jorge Abalo "Defender" by Jorge Abalo "Crystal Hall" by Jorge Abalo "Cryogenic Chambers" by Jorge Abalo "Collected Memories" by Jorge Abalo "Calm Sea" by Jorge Abalo "Branch Meeting Pong 425" by Jorge Abalo "Beyond Perceptions" by Jorge Abalo "Across the Mountains" by Jorge Abalo"Inter Surf" by Jorge Abalo

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