'Base Response #4' Matthew Haggett 2014

Matthew Haggett

Matthew Haggett, avatar photoMatthew Haggett

Focus: 3D fractal art, Raw fractals, Digital art
Tools: Mandelbulb 3D, Mandelbulber, Adobe CS
Also: Professional graphic designer
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA.

About: Matthew, a longtime artist and designer, has been exploring 3D fractal art since March of 2012. He was a competitive mathematician in high school, and has been a fractal geometry enthusiast since the late 1980s. With BA and MFA degrees in art and regular solo shows, Matthew has been a staple of the Portland, Oregon art scene since the 1990s. Matthew works in Mandelbulber and MB3D, with image mastering in Adobe Photoshop. In his 3D fractal art, he uses the same compositional techniques from his paintings to create dynamic, visually engaging images. A synthesis of math and art principles, his explorations of 3D fractals take some very interesting turns.

“I try to make work that reveals the forms of these mathematical objects and, at the same time, explores principles of formal composition—color, shape, patterning, and so forth.”

Matthew also owns Mandelbulb.com and is the main administrator for this site and its associated networks. Images are © Matthew Haggett 2013-2014. Contact: matthew@mandelbulb.com

The following images were created with Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D) from Nov, 2013 through Jan 2014.

'Inside the Chaos Engine' Matthew Haggett"The Center Cannot Hold" by Matthew Haggett"Permafrost" by Matthew Haggett"Extraction Site" by Matthew Haggett"Entropy Inverter" by Matthew Haggett"Dionysian Gasket" by Matthew Haggett"Eightfold Path" by Matthew Haggett"Poincare Sound System" by Matthew Haggett"Charmed Field" by Matthew Haggett"Strange Fruit" by Matthew Haggett"Sierpinski Hilbert Labyrinth 4" by Matthew Haggett"Base Response 4" by Matthew Haggett"Touch and Go" by Matthew Haggett"Platinum Box 2" by Matthew Haggett"Lucid Dreamcatcher" by Matthew Haggett"Pearlite 2" by Matthew Haggett"Menger Sprouts" by Matthew Haggett"Storm Cage" by Matthew Haggett"Cold Soma" by Matthew Haggett"The Penumbra" by Matthew Haggett"The Penumbra" by Matthew Haggett. Created with Mandelbulb 3D fractal rendering software.


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    1. The creator of Mandelbulb 3D is Jesse from Fractalforums.com There will find updates, new formulas and many skilled and talented artist! For a great resource for parameters, may I suggest ! There you will find over 1000 parameters to explore! As always, we ask that you give credit to the original artist if you use their parameters!

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