Ego Palace concept by Sam Milchamp, courtesy of Marvel, based on artwork by Hal Tenny

Hal Tenny’s Fractal Art in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Nominated for the “Best Achievement in Visual Effects” 2018 Oscar Award, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 prominently features 3D fractal art created by Hal Tenny using Mandelbulb3D software. This pioneering use of mandelbulb art is a first for any Hollywood movie. Hal’s MB3D work was used to create some of the most complex digital environments in the history of film. The GOTG2 team used fractal geometry in a way that has never before been attempted.

"Standing Alone" by Ricky Jarnagin (params)

MB3D Parameter Set by Ricky Jarnagin

Renowned 3D fractal art maker Ricky Jarnagin has compiled parameters for eight of his fascinating fractal objects. Click on the images/links to open the params. Copy the params into Mandelbulb 3D, and go exploring! When you share your creations, please credit Ricky Jarnagin for the source parameters. ‘Tweak Me PLEASE!’ by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “Fuzzy Lil Critter” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “Holding Court” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “I See Stars” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “No Escape” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “Standing Alone” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “The Corridor of the Ring” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. “Floater” by Ricky Jarnagin. Click for params. More about Ricky Jarnagin: artist profile and image gallery. These images are © Ricky Jarnagin/DsyneGrafix and appear here with permission.

Mandelbulb 3D Tutorials (images by Hal Tenny)

Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D) Tutorials

We’ve compiled a selection of Mandelbulb 3D tutorials that will help you get started in MB3D, understand fractal generation and the rendering environment, use effects like image map and volumetric light, and even prepare files for 3D printing. Many thanks to the intrepid artists who have taken the time to put together these instructional materials. If you have a tutorial we should add, please leave a comment below. Web-Based Tutorials INTRO: Using Mandelbulb 3D, MB3D tutorial by Hal Tenny Cutting and Rotation, MB3D tutorial by Hal Tenny The Tuberville Fractal, MB3D tutorial by Hal Tenny Volumetric Lights, MB3D tutorial by Hal Tenny INTRO: Mandelbulb 3D for Beginners, MB3D tutorial by Jody Lawrence

Mandelbulb 3D fractal rendering software

Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D) Fractal Rendering Software

Mandelbulb 3D is a free software application created for 3D fractal imaging. Developed by Jesse and a group of Fractal Forums contributors, based on Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work, MB3D formulates dozens of nonlinear equations into an amazing range of fractal objects. The 3D rendering environment includes lighting, color, specularity, depth-of-field, shadow- and glow- effects; allowing the user fine control over the imaging effects. After several years of dormancy, Andreas Maschke has begun updating Mandelbulb3D and releasing new versions. Andreas is the software developer behind the popular flame fractal program JWildfire.