Machina Infinitum

Machina Infinitum is a two-person creative collaboration by Matteo Scappin and Jesper Nybroe. They focus on fractal animation using innovative programming to create fractal objects in professional VFX software.

Ego Palace concept by Sam Milchamp, courtesy of Marvel, based on artwork by Hal Tenny

Hal Tenny’s Fractal Art in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Nominated for the “Best Achievement in Visual Effects” 2018 Oscar Award, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 prominently features 3D fractal art created by Hal Tenny using Mandelbulb3D software. This pioneering use of mandelbulb art is a first for any Hollywood movie. Hal’s MB3D work was used to create some of the most complex digital environments in the history of film. The GOTG2 team used fractal geometry in a way that has never before been attempted.

"Raphaelite" 3D Fractal Art, By Matthew Haggett, 2012

Mandelbulb Wallpapers

We’ve selected a few images, sized them for desktop and laptop wall papers, and set them up for you to download here. 3D fractal background image for your computer. Feeling Blue   1280 x 720     1440 x 900     1600 x 1200     1920 x 1080