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Attention: 3D fractal artists, 3D fractal enthusiasts—programmers, writers, theoreticians, and image makers… We want to share your content. Have you made something cool that might want to share through our site and networks? Email us at the address below and let us know.

We want to promote and share the wonder of 3D fractals and our love of the related maths and sciences. If that’s your thing, too; we will share and promote you and your work.


We prefer you send links. Please keep total attachment size under 2MB.

When sharing, we will give full attribution with whatever links / information you provide. We are artists / creators ourselves and take your intellectual property seriously. Drop us an email with any questions.

We generally use Creative Commons licences instead of traditional copyright. If you haven’t considered CC for your work, you should check it out.

We are seeking collaborators for future site development and future projects, and really hope to showcase some of the brilliant work that Mandelbulb and 3D fractal artists have been creating since late 2009. Please get in touch.

—Matthew Haggett,, March 2013

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  1. Hi, my name is Merlin, I’m a motion designer living in Paris, and I’m very interested in working with Mandelburb, but I’m a Mac user and the version provided in your site does not seem to work in my system (Mac OS 10.8.5)… Am I doing something wrong?
    Should I install Parallels Desktop and try to run the PC version?
    I know that’s its not really the most interesting question to answer but if one day you have time, try to give me an answer or an advice.
    Thank you very much, and congratulations for your work!


  2. I have just discovered fractals and am loving using them in my art. I just downloaded Mandelbulb and am getting to know the software. In the past, I have always “created” with a transparent background and find that the easiest way to build my art and include interesting components. Is there a way to render a 3D fractal in Mandelbulb with a transparent background? I would really appreciate help on this! Thanks so much for a wonderful program!

    1. Yes, there is. There is a “Zbuffer” image for each fractal. It can be used as a mask in photoshop.
      There is a tutorial on how to do that, but any experienced graphical artist can easily figure out the procedure himself.

  3. Hey!

    Loving this so much that I need to upgrade my laptop to render. Planning on switching to Windows 8 though, will Mandelbulb 3D version 1.8.9, current as of 5/2014 install and run on the newest Windows version?



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