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This site is in development, and will continue to be in development until there is no new information about the Mandelbulb and its family of 3D fractals. Post-launch, we will be filling in details and adding content—here and through our social networks.



Partnership Opportunities

You’re into 3D fractals? This site is for you. While this site is run by SphereLab, we’re not the authority. We’re not in it alone. We want you to be involved! We’re reaching out to fractal enthusiasts: we want to showcase your art, your ideas, whatever you want to share. Contact us through our partnership page.

History of the Mandelbulb

Several of the people involved in the hunt for the Mandelbulb, including Daniel White himself, documented the discovery in excellent detail. And Benoit Mandelbrot’s groundbreaking work on the fractal geometry and Mandelbrot set is certainly well documented. We are launching Mandelbulb.com with only a brief outline of the individuals and events involved. As we go forward, we will fill out the fascinating history of the discoveries over a century long period that lead to the manifestation of the Mandelbulb.

We love the history of math and physics, the invention of fractal geometry, the people, principles, and discoveries that got us here. We will be posting / tweeting / blogging / etc.ing the additions to this site as we add a fuller and fuller picture of this fascinating arc of human progress.

The Maths

We are not mathematicians. Matthew Haggett was a competitive mathematician in high school (math SAT 780) and continued a general interest in math and science in addition to degrees in art. But no one here at SphereLab (presently) can do the equations. We’ll include the maths as they are documented. If your interest is the math involved in 3D fractals, we are looking for you.


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